project aims:

The National Institute for Laser, Plasma and Radiation Physics (INFLPR) in Magurele/Bucharest, Romania, will twin with institutes from Germany, the UK and France, providing a unique opportunity for research excellence, technological innovation and industrial exploitation in the fields of laser spark plug fundamentals and applications. The proposed twinning project LASIG-TWIN will focus on the following key target areas:

  • Build Teams of Excellence to derive new ideas and tackle challenges, and a Roadmap for the future to ensure that INFLPR will sustainable increase scientific excellence and innovation capacity in the area of laser spark plug technology,
  • Organize short term Staff Exchanges (Training) and Expert Visits (Lectures) that will help raise INFLPR’s research profile as well the one of the partnering institutes,
  • Organize public Summers School type activities, internal and external expert driven Technology Workshops and Business-to-Business (B2B) meetings in conjunction with industry and academia clusters,
  • Bring the world-renowned Laser Ignition Conference (LIC) in 2017 to the INFLPR in Romania to increase INFLPR’s, the Romanian and the European visibility in the fields of laser ignition.